Lietuvos individualiosios psichologijos draugija

Invitation to Free Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy Webinar

*Psychotherapists and Graduate Students in Psychology and Counseling*

You are invited to attend a free, monthly, online webinar on Classical
Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy (CADP). To register, just email a copy of
your Curriculum Vitae, transcript, or a list of courses taken to 

Starting Saturday, January 26th, at 10:00am PT, you may participate in
monthly, one-hour question and answer webinars. Three of our training
analysts, Henry Stein, Dyanne Pienkowski, and Erik Mansager, will be
available to answer any questions, and you will have an opportunity to
meet other members of our Classical Adlerian community.

Once I receive your CV, transcript, or course list, I will send you
login instructions for the webinar, and a free, selected chapter from
"A Clinician's Guide to the Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler."
Each month we will focus on one chapter from the Clinician's Guide.

To help you get comfortable with our online webinar application,
GotoMeeting, we are offering a 15-minute practice session on Saturday,
January 19th, at 10:00am PT.

We are looking forward to meeting you online, and showing you how CADP
can help you in your therapeutic work.