Lietuvos individualiosios psichologijos draugija

Adlerian master course

Dear board of the Society,


It is a great pleasure to be offering a new course in Adlerian theory and practice: the International Master’s of Lifelong Learning in Adlerian Counselling. This two-year postgraduate course will be taught in English, having proved of enormous value to two cohorts of Spanish-speaking participants. The course has been developed, and recognized as a university level master’s, by Professor of Psychology Ursula Oberst of Ramon Llull University, Barcelona. (


This primarily online course provides a great opportunity to learn more about Individual Psychology and counselling. So, please alert your members to this unique training programme as soon as you can.


Attached please find the flyer and a study plan for use in promoting this course.

Pre enrolment will open on February 5, 2024.


We thank you in advance for your help.


Kind regards,


Organizational committee

Prof. Dr. Ursula Oberst, Spain

Karen Molan, Ireland

Theo Joosten, The Netherlands


Contact address.


Flyer and Study plan